Must-Visit Destination: Marco Island Historical Museum

Must-Visit Destination: Marco Island Historical Museum

Located in Collier County, the Marco Island Historical Museum is a museum complex established and operated by the Marco Island Historical Society (MIHS). Opened in 2010, the museum was created through a partnership between the MIHS and the Collier County Museum System. The complex was designed to serve as a physical venue for the MIHS, so they may be able to fulfill their goal of informing and educating visitors and members of the community of Marco Island’s rich heritage.

Marco Island Historical Museum gives visitors an in-depth view of southwest Florida’s Calusa Native Americans through engaging and informative displays that bring life back to this long-vanished civilization. There is an entire room that features a full scale replica of an authentic Calusa village, complete with models of inhabitants going through their day-to-day routine.

An Incredibly Picturesque Venue

The very place where Marco Island Historical Museum is located is an attraction on its own. The grounds of the complex are surrounded by a lush landscape with serene waterfalls, crystal-clear ponds, and a wide variety of native tropical plants. The museum’s picture-perfect setting is one of its major highlights.

For visitors looking forward to soaking in the relaxing scenery, there’s an inviting gazebo that serves as a perfect vantage point for admiring the stunning surroundings.

Traveling Exhibits Gallery

Located within the complex is a traveling exhibits gallery, which is used to showcase the work of talented artists from all over the world. Each exhibit is illustrated through a wide range of mediums, depicting the history and local flora and fauna of the area.

Each new exhibit is launched through an opening reception, inviting members of the community as well as visitors of Marco Island.

A Trip Back in Time

Through its exhibits, Marco Island Historical Museum aims to inspire, engage, and educate visitors about the Native Americans who once inhabited Marco Island for more than 6,000 years. Visitors will be able to find a vast collection of replicas, original artwork, and research, in addition to over 200 authentic pre-Columbian artifacts that were discovered within Marco Island and its surrounding areas.

The artifacts are but a tiny portion of the entire collection preserved and maintained by the MIHS. One of the most impressive parts of the collection are the wooden figurines, masks and implements discovered by Frank Hamilton Cushing back in 1896. These are considered some of the most impressive and intact examples of pre-Columbian artistry ever discovered – some of the pieces still have some of its original paint visible!

Some of the items on display at Marco Island Historical Museum are thousands of years old, and have been excavated on sites throughout the island where Calusa Native American villages and mounds once stood.

Marco Island Historical Museum is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 9am to 4pm. The complex is located at 180 S. Heathwood Drive, Marco Island, FL 34145. For more information, contact the museum directly by calling (239) 642-1440, or visit the Collier County Museums’ official website here.



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