Naples, FL attracts countless tourists and new residents every year with its incredible weather, friendly atmosphere, and easy access to some of the best beaches along the picture-perfect Gulf of Mexico.

It comes as no surprise that many vacationers who visit this sun-soaked South Florida paradise eventually decide that this the perfect place to call home. And for those looking forward to enjoying a relaxing, laidback lifestyle in Naples, a fantastic selection of exclusive gated communities are available.

Whether you’re searching for a master-planned community surrounded by windswept palms and lush tropical greenery, a prestigious golf and country club a community, or somewhere steps away from the beach, the gated communities around Naples are guaranteed to satisfy.


Buying a Home in a Gated Community

Looking for the ideal gated community requires thorough research and planning. Before you sign the dotted line, you need to consider and analyze all of your requirements and preferences.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when looking for the right gated community:

  • Level of security – If having a high level of security is one of your top priorities, choose a gated community that offers unmatched security service. The most secure communities typically have round-the-clock security guards stationed at the gates, in addition to roving guards patrolling the area. Along with the security staff, a community should also have electronic surveillance equipment and security codes that grant entrance to the neighborhood.
  • Type of lifestyle – The type of lifestyle you’re looking forward to enjoying will determine your choice when it comes to choosing a gated community. Want to have an active social life? Look for a community offering a wide array of amenities such as a clubhouse, recreational areas, regular events, and others. On the other hand, if you’d like to enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle, look for a gated community that offers plenty of seclusion, vast open space, and serene views.
  • Resale value – If you’re planning to sell your home eventually, look for a gated community that offers homes with better resale value. These communities typically feature an assortment of amenities such as fitness centers, playgrounds, clubhouses, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Gated communities with excellent resale value are also usually located far away from industrial areas and busy downtown districts.
  • Review the homeowner association dues – Ask for a breakdown of fees you’re expected to pay should you purchase a home within a gated community. Find out if you’re allowed to pay on a monthly or annual basis. Consider how convenient it will be for you to make payments, and take note of payment options such as bank transfers or online payments. Also find out how often fees have been raised, and if you should expect increases or other changes in the future. This will give you some insight into how the community is managed.

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