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Naples, FL’s wealth of real estate options includes beautiful waterfront and beachfront homes. These properties feature sweeping views of the bay and the serene blues of the Gulf of Mexico. With million-dollar views and luxurious amenities, it’s easy to see why many home buyers flock to Naples, FL to invest in waterfront and beachfront homes.

To help you with your waterfront/beachfront real estate investment, The Real Estate Agency prepared several tips. Let’s get started.

  1. Find a waterfront specialist.Buying a waterfront home has certain nuances only a specialist can successfully handle or navigate. Additionally, a real estate agent who specializes in waterfront properties can give you more detailed information about waterfront neighborhoods, therefore allowing you to find a great waterfront home in an ideal location.
  2. Look at the property as a whole.Aside from just examining the overall structure of the waterfront property, it pays to look at the bigger picture. Walk through the whole property and evaluate it as a whole– do not rest your judgment solely on the property. Is the swimming good? Will you have ample privacy? Is the area a known tourist destination?When buying a waterfront property, consider the utilities available as well. Not all waterfront properties have access to the same utilities, especially waterfront and beachfront homes located in relatively undeveloped areas.
  3. Explore the property’s potential.In addition to looking at the property as it currently stands, expand your horizons and consider what you can add to it once you’ve purchased it. This includes alterations such as the construction of seawalls and docks, which may require some kind of permit from the local government.Aside from alterations, explore the kind of activities you can do within the property’s immediate area, especially water activities. Some neighborhoods have restrictions on certain activities or watercraft, so it pays to know what you’re buying into.Overall, looking at the property’s existing features and its potential affects is value and will help you determine whether it’s a solid investment.
  4. Inquire whether the property can withstand the elements.Although wear and tear are a regular part of homeownership, it’s even more evident in waterfront and beachfront properties. After all, these homes are more exposed to the elements. Before you make an offer, ask about the property’s existing preventative measures, such as weather-resistant features (i.e. storm shutters and stainless-steel locks).Before you purchase a waterfront property, it’s also important to look into insurance costs. It’s common for waterfront homeowners in the state to purchase a couple of insurance policies, including one for general hazard and another for wind and flood.
  5. Talk to the residents.In order to get a real feel of what it’s like to live in the community, talking to potential residents is highly recommended. They can give you insider information, such as common waterfront-related issues in the area and the overall quality of life in the community.

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